About Us

Who we are.

Using highly trained and committed drivers who have an ownership stake in the cooperative and state-of-the-art dispatch, we aim to transform taxi service in Montgomery County to increase customer service, driver income, and accessibility for all.

MontCo Union Taxi Co-operative is a project of the Montgomery County Professional Drivers Union, an affiliate of the National Taxi Workers Alliance, AFL-CIO.

Focus on accessibility.

MontCo Union Taxi Co-operative has been awarded 50 Passenger Vehicle Licenses (PVLs) for operating accessible taxis and has advocated for legislation, which was adopted by the Montgomery County Council calling for increased accessible taxis and greater fairness and transparency for drivers and the public.

Our journey so far.

Years in Business
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I've been driving for Anytime Union Taxi for over four years. Being an equal owner of the co-op gives me a greater stake in ensuring the best possible service for our customers.

John Doe
Driver/Worker Owner, Anytime Union Taxi

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